Who knew a simple idea of a hobbit themed dinner party, would grow into such a desired event? I suppose all things start with an idea. Sometimes it’s a good one and sometimes its not. Sometimes you won’t know until you are so deep into it you can’t turn back. A lot of times you have to just start to get the juices flowing and adapt as each problem arises. When my brother approached me with this dinner party idea, he knew he wanted a hobbit door as the entrance to the whole event. It seemed like a great and simple idea. As I started thinking of all the ways this door could be made, I knew I needed to keep it simple and somewhat quick, because time was not on our side. Pressure is a necessary evil sometimes. And working fast enough not to overthink every step has always been something I prefer. I settled on foam being my friend and thought of this as more of a prop door than a door to a house, that had to withstand all mother nature might throw at it.



The door was actually the easy part. Coming up with an integrated way to add hinges so a round door will open, was a fun challenge that, actually I was pretty satisfied with in the end. As I soon discovered it would just look silly if it didn’t get surrounded by a hobbit house. So, more foam it was. And fix-it-all, an old friend, really brought the house to life. And of course  paint; I really believe paint can do some amazingly simple things, to achieve the look you want with the material you have.




As any project it grew as it went and the install really brought some different challenges. But in the end It really came together as a magical hobbit hole. Thanks to my husband, Jeremy for making the coolest looking handle. And my Aunt Annie, for finding all the perfect greens and decor to make it come to life. And to my Dad, for rolling up his sleeves and problem solving with me through the install, otherwise I think it may have stayed a pile of almost props. It’s actually a shame it’s just a prop and not a permanent structure. All in all, it was a fun challenge and I think it was a hit, at the very first, of I’m sure many, fun hobbit parties to come by Whit’s End Productions.



DSC_0144_1 (5)

-Amaleah Graham