About Us

Finishing Touches NW Inc started by Jeff Whitmore, is a family owned and operated company that specializes in custom stairways and other good stuff. What is that ‘other good stuff’ you may ask, well often it is whatever a client may need. It can be a mantle, unique furniture, which is one of our favorites to create, wine cellars, wine related products, kitchen stove hoods, and so on. As you browse through our website you will see pictures of some of the things we have created. They vary from clean, sleek and simple to curved and elaborate.

No style is beyond us and we enjoy the variety that comes with each new project. Our new favored material is reclaimed wood, especially logs, they offer a natural beauty that can be built on with metal and rock accents. We find that reclaimed wood has a story that is dieing to be explored and told and when you give something a new life it’s a good way of telling that story.

Contact Info

Tel: (425) 829-3066

Email: finishingtouches.nw.inc@gmail.com