By the time December rolls around, we realize the year is almost over, and whatever goals we may have set back in January are coming to crunch time.

Or perhaps, being pushed to another year, again. And that can be discouraging. We can feel like we let ourselves down, or haven’t accomplished anything all year. And that’s not a good thing to feel during this most wonderful time of the year: Christmas!

So, instead of getting bogged down with what you didn’t accomplish, I invite you to take a look back, via scrolling through your pictures, at all that you did accomplish!

You will most likely be surprised, as was I, at all the things you did do, all the fun you had, all the projects you made, and usually all the people you spent your time with.


For me personally, this was a big life changing year as I watched my belly grow with a precious human inside it, and later bringing him into this world and watching him grow and change. Nothing else I’ve done this year will ever compare to that, for me anyways.

But professionally as I look back at Finishing Touches, I was surprised at all the jobs we did. And all the things we’ve learned. And all the adjustments everyone’s had to make in my absence as I transitioned into becoming a mom, and now transitioning back into mom/work life. I applaud all that have come before me. And I thank the wonderful family that I work with. If I were to add all the photos of all the jobs this year you would get lost in hundreds of photos, so I will add a few highlights. That way you still have time to go back through your phone and reminisce about the year you had.

408 Byers Lane

DSC_0144_1 (5) -Amaleah Graham