You ever have one of those days where you look at your cart and you say to yourself, “How did I get here?”, well let me tell you that day is a regular visitor to my life. It’s not like I walked into Home Depot  expecting to fill my cart to the brim. In fact, I seldom shop with a cart. I prefer to push a pick up truck bed though the aisles navigating my way around, not only the obstacles put forth by management but the moving ones as well. I’m a planner! I plan on getting the task done that is right before me…but I often find myself turned around and there in all its glory is a new task before me that screams for my attention. Sometimes I’m turned around by management and sometimes it’s those moving obstacles that cause me to drift.


Shopping carts or go karts, the drift is the same. You know those go karts where they wet the pavement in front of you and you go crashing into the tires as you speed thru the corners…that kind of drift! This type of planning (I prefer to call it that) has gotten us in trouble in more places than just Home Depot.


“Let’s put some shelves inside, have them pull out for easier access.”

“Oh look, a perfect place for a hidden compartment.”

“Oh, wait, let’s make the door hidden, let’s make a cool secret locking mechanism to open it.”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to have metal oval hoop straps with locking wedges to tighten them?”

“How about some hand made rivets to hold them to the barrel.”

“ Yea, we gotta get just the right patina so the hoops look real old school.”

“How about the barrel?”

“ Lets distress this beautiful rift white oak barrel to you know…look old! “

“The stain can be multi colored to indicate the years this thing has sat in a dingy cellar.”

You see what’s happening? You’re having fun, cruising along, fast on the straightaways and slowdown on the turns…you see the tires, but they’re for the other guys, then out of nowhere, you’re spinning out of control and your backside is sliding forward as you slam into the tires. You come to a complete stop, you’re facing the wrong way and everyone is coming at you and you’re trying to get this darn uncooperative cart turned around and facing the right direction. You’ve lost all your momentum and you step on the gas and spin the thing around only to find another problem facing you. You get my drift?

Well, in the end the customer was happy! We were challenged and we fought through the tires we hit. Nobody got hurt. And we did it together as a family. When one of us was spinning around, about to hit the tires it was nice to know that not only the tires were there to cushion the blow, but someone in the family was there as well. Protecting your back side. Pushing you to get your cart  turned around and back on track going the right direction. That is one of the best parts of working with those you know best, your fam! They are always there, always watching out for you, always wanting the best for you and pushing you onward. Well, the teasing part, that’s just to toughen up your ego for when you slam into the tires! We were proud that we made something really unique and very special for a wonderful client but more importantly we made a memory together. We held tough through all the changes, we fed off one anothers creativity to make something better than each of us could have done alone. The drifting off course is as natural for us as waking up in the morning. It just happens! Our cart overflows. We adapt, we push one another, we tease each other and when we cross that finish line we have not only a wine barrel but a memory. One that we will always remember and laugh about the time we built that barrel! IMG_1295   IMG_1296


We drifted a lot on this one, we hit a lot of tires but hey, we’re all happy!

wedding 011

-Jeff Whitmore