“Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it, the tree is the real thing.”

– Abraham Lincoln

I found this quote a few years ago and wrote it down, it sits out in the shop as a reminder.   

Have you noticed our focus on trees?

Our logo has a tree on it, but this fascination of trees didn’t start out there.

Jeff started drawing, carving, and creating furniture and everything else all around trees of different shapes and sizes, back almost forty years ago now!  It wasn’t the popular thing back then, but now you can see them in all sorts of places and designs. This picture is one of his first trees he carved for our wall above the mantel back in 1980. There are various types of trees in size, material and species around our house, inside and out.


Jeff is like a tree, living, growing, protecting, feeding whoever he is around; when you meet him you know he is the “real deal”. You know right away that he has character and that you can trust him to take care of you and whatever job you have requested of him, even if everyone else has told you it is impossible. He has been known to like a challenge, maybe for himself more than the customer he is working for.

There are trees that grow really fast, but the roots stay shallow and become top heavy. In the end, they topple due to  their height and weight. Trees, such as oaks grow slow and are deep rooted, taking their time to develop into a huge towering sturdy tree that can protect, and withstand a windstorm, as well as provide shelter and beauty to the beholder. Jeff has taken his time growing his craft, studying, trying new things that sometimes fail but never remain a failure because he loves turning a mistake into a masterpiece. He may not be as fast as the young guys anymore, but he can out work most of them and finish the job faster, through the experienced work of his hands.

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Karol Whitmore