What most people are doing at the end of their pregnancy vs. what I’m doing….

Surprise I’m having a baby, supposedly any day now, we shall see what he thinks the right time is won’t we. So, in the beginning of my pregnancy I had this brilliant idea I wanted to make a bouncy chair for the baby to spend his lovely days in, all happy and perfect. 

Because, that’s how it works with babies, right? Well, anyways, I had a few ideas in my head, and I got to work. I made a cardboard side profile for size even. Then, I made a form to bend my wood around. 

Yes, of course I have bending going on, did you really think I’d make something straight, or simple?? 



I bent the two side pieces, through some trial and error decided to add a little more wood so the baby wouldn’t get launched into the ceiling quite so easily. And that’s how it sat, for the last few months as life, work and all that fun stuff took priority. 



Well, here we are with baby due any minute and I’ve decided it’s time to finish it. I’ve told myself K.I.S.S. many times, it’s something we at Finishing Touches have to tell ourselves a lot. It stands for Keep.It.Simple.Stupid! And it’s harder to do than you might think. 

I mean, if you could only take a peek inside this jumbled brain of mine and all the ideas rolling around. 

But, back to this bouncy chair. I cleaned up the two sides, made some cross pieces and wow it’s starting to look like I imagined. Now the tricky part, how to hold the baby in it, and how to attach that to the wood. I googled, I “pinterested”, I did the normal researchy things one does, And well guess what it’s hard to find anything quite like this to help me out.

 So… I searched my brain and slept on it, because everyone knows all the good ideas come in the middle of the night when you are having a lovely nights sleep. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked. Well, it did in my head anyways. I don’t have the luxury of time at this point so, a small sample piece and away I went, notching holes in my nice bent wood and cross pieces. Hoping this was going to work and not ruin everything I had already done. 

Now to break out the ol’ sewing machine and dig out some fabric and start making the seat. Some rough ideas, rough measurements, and rough sewing skills and I started to see it coming together. Somehow, I managed to not throw my sewing machine out the window and make all the pieces and even sew them together in the right direction, after a few close calls of doing it inside out and backwards. And rolling my back out in between because this baby is mean and is pushing on all sorts of spots he shouldn’t.

Why am I being so nice and making him this lovely chair again?

The nice thing with having a hard time throwing things away, because I might find a use for it one day, came in handy and I rummaged up all the parts I needed to make it work.

 And moment of truth this morning…It fit. Yay little happy dance. Now I just need to glue it together and finish sand it, and put some baby friendly finish on it to seal it all up. I’ll go do that so I can take pictures and you can all see what in the world I’m even talking about.


DSC_0144_1 (5)

Amaleah Graham