New year, new beginnings. Sometimes that’s a lot of pressure because you feel like you have to top the last years accomplishments. And sometimes it’s a blessing because you feel free to let go of last years failures and start fresh with all the possibilities in front of you. For me, at least this year, it’s kind of a mixture. I’ve taken the last week or so to reflect on some of the jobs we’ve done this year. Each job always brings a different challenge than the last. And that’s something I love about my job because constant repetition and always knowing what to expect would bore me to death. Although there is something to be said about feeling prepared for the task at hand, I suppose.

Do you ever feel always prepared though?

I would venture a guess that you don’t regardless of how long you’ve done your job. And when we stop learning we start dying.

Ha! That just sounded a bit morbid, but I like to think that learning and stretching and changing is what keeps life vibrant and fresh, therefore less dying like.

I’ve never been someone who writes out a list of things I’m going to accomplish or change or do in the new year.
Perhaps, I should be.

There is something to be said about finishing something on the list and putting a checkmark by it that helps fuel you to check off the next thing on the list. But I guess it can also feel daunting, like if you don’t check anything off for awhile you must just be sitting around twiddling your thumbs all the time. That’s the trick with creative work. You have ups and downs. Not everyone loves everything you create.

You get picky customers who are never quite happy, you spend a fair amount of time in your head dreaming up things and it looks like you aren’t accomplishing something new. But if you don’t do that you wouldn’t have anything to create. If you didn’t have challenges and challenging customers you wouldn’t grow and learn and stretch out of that box you’ve so cleverly built around yourself.

Creative work is in essence scary, because they don’t have a perfect manual that fits everything you are doing. And if they did, well it wouldn’t be very creative would it?

I mean creative means: “marked by the ability or power to create”. Also “having the quality of something created rather than imitated”. And to create is “to bring into existence” according to webster.

Now that’s powerful and a challenge and just plain fun if you ask me.

So, I challenge you to create and be creative, no matter how terrified you are, because it’s contagious. And I’d love to spread it.

I’ll leave you with a few creative highlight pictures from our work year to help inspire you.

image1 (3)image2 (3)



DSC_0144_1 (5)-Amaleah Graham