When a client says they want something unique in this area of their house and that’s basically all we have to go on, we get excited. For some, this may seem strange. Many people like to have guidelines and a wish-list to go off of. And these aren’t bad things. But, there is something so freeing about having a blank slate and some trust from someone that you can create something just right. Trust may be the keyword here. That can be hard to earn and easy to lose. In this particular instance, we had trust from the builder we had worked for before and from a homeowner we had not worked for but had heard all about us from a friend, we had done a lot of work for. Most of the time we do stairs but this project was, you guessed it, a wine cellar. Ok maybe you didn’t guess it, but it’s still a wine cellar all the same.

In our experience, a wine cellar tends to be place where people are wanting to go a little over the top, have that wow factor. And that’s something we live for. So to the drawing board we went. For me. this is a fun process. It hasn’t always been. It’s one thing to have an idea in your head, it’s a totally different thing to get that on paper, and then get it to make sense to other people. And lastly, to get the space to look like said picture. But going to design school, if nothing else really taught me how to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper. Not that I’m claiming to be some famous artist. Just that it’s ok to mess up and have a process of drawings that gets you to the end point. Fear of failure and messing up are a common problem that keep most of us from trying new things. And I can’t say I don’t have that I just try really hard to ignore it. And it can be a very freeing thing to do, and scary, but that’s part of life. So grab your pen, yes pen, and paper and mess it up. Work through those ideas, it’ll help make space in your head for new ideas. I had a professor tell me the best way to grow in creativity is to share creativity. That is something creative people are often cautious to do for fear of people stealing their ideas. Well I’ll tell you what, he was right, it really is the best way to grow ideas, and make space for new ideas and not get so bogged down by just one perfect idea that you never want to create because someone might copy it. I mean what’s the point of being creative then?

Back to whatever I was talking about, oh yes the wine cellar. The house itself is pretty modern so we knew they liked that style, but we also didn’t want to make it look just like the rest of the house. We needed that wow factor, remember. We made some drawings, shared them and came up with better ideas. We finally settled on making it look like a giant barrel. Not like an in your face, hey why did you bring a giant old barrel into your room kind of giant barrel. More like a wall that caused you to take a second glance to figure out what it was resembling giant barrel. I could paint you a whole picture with my words, but you know what’s better than that, actual pictures. So pour yourself a glass of wine, scroll through pictures and get creative.

IMG_4714IMG_4715 (3)


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Amaleah Graham