What is it about the snow?

Maybe it’s just seeing something that is not that common everyday?

Maybe it’s the excitement of seeing the accumulation that brings back memories of snow days when you were a child?

Perhaps, it’s the pure white covering, the grayness of winter that gives us pleasure. I guess, that pleasure is depending on, if you are sitting in the warmth looking out or on the outside, working the whiteness out of your way:)

 Just maybe, it’s because the snow forces us to slow down and think about what’s really important. As the snow accumulates so do the things that come to mind of things I’ve been meaning to do when I get the chance. It’s almost as if the snow is saying go ahead…it’s OK, read a little more, take that nap, slow down and rest in the knowledge that you’re not the only one getting behind, as we are all caught in the same stillness, the quiet that we hear if we really listen to the snow falling.

Enjoy the beauty the snow brings. The simple things the eyes see, that you notice once again…that in your hurriedness of life pass by you. Take this picture of a steel I beam.

I walk by it several times a day.
Not once have I ever stopped and taken a picture of it.
All of a sudden with a little snow added, my attention goes to the formations of the snow as it pillows upon the harshness of the crisp hard edges of the steel, which was once formed by fire.
And now, with the separation of time, the snow softens the appearance of the steel and forms such a contrast visually, as the snow cannot form such hard corners, it adds a soft roundness to its shape.
The whiteness of the snow and its crispy flaky edges makes such a strong contrast with the hardened aged steel and its rusty vintage patina.
And yet what’s more vintage than snow?
Yea, It’s the little things that we pass by everyday that when and if we stop and notice them with  eyes of children, that we once were, can really help us appreciate these moments of nothingness.
  Enjoy the snow!
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