Remember when…..  

Can’t you hear a story about to begin when you hear those words?

Something has triggered a memory that can take us back to a fun, sad or even a bad memory. If we think about it, our memory is one of our greatest gifts, it can bring laughter or tears.

One of my first memories about Jeff was when we started talking about our birthdays, he told me the date of his but I didn’t believe him, so I made him show me his license! I tell people now that it is the reason why I married him, since his birthday falls one day before mine, I knew he’d never forget my birthday! We’ve had a lot of special memories with many things to remember. I have had friends ask me how Jeff is so good at gift giving, and he always says, “you just need to pay attention, see what she likes”. He is a detail person, which shows up in all he does and makes, he never lets time or money influence when he finishes a project or job. Sometimes, things will take a long time to complete, but it is always worth the wait. He says I am patient, I say, he has taught me how to be patient!

This year has been special because we turned 60 last week, how this happened is pretty crazy and I feel like I repeat my mom’s words “how did I get this old so fast?”  

Jeff and Karol

What a blessing it is to look back and remember our rich history together, one will remember something the other has forgotten about: places, people, houses, and projects we have worked on together.

What an adventure it has been!

Happy Birthday Jeff, you have made my life better:)