Simple, clean designs.

Sounds, well, simple right? 

Ironically enough the stairs that have the cleanest simple lines are usually the hardest. They leave little margin for error. Every cut needs to be precise and accurate because you won’t be having any more trim covering it up. But, I also think it can be one of the more rewarding designs because it shows that  you thought ahead and accounted for all the things you needed to. 

This little stair is one of those simple, “easy” ones. Someone else installed the stainless steel, and we came in and added the wood top rail. It can be a mixed bag when you have to work with other people’s work. Everyone does things differently and also that whole thinking ahead thing I was talking about earlier can’t really be done if you aren’t the one doing it. We had to do a little creative thinking to get this all to line up and look, well, simple. 

Oh the irony.

But, in the end I think it looked really nice and the clients were happy.



DSC_0144_1 (5)Amaleah Graham