Are you still in survival recovery, just trying to….survive? While it had started to rain through most of the Seattle area, we were hit with another 14 inches of snow, laying on top of the previous snow putting an end to driving out of our 400 foot driveway….snow bound. You would think that with all of this house time you’d get a lot done, but it reminds me of when you are sick and hope that you will be able to read, rest and enjoy this down time. Being housebound we go into survival mode with shoveling the stairs to be safe and a path to the garage that was “fun-ish” while it was light and fluffy.


Then the freeze came and you wish you had stayed out all day and night shoveling the driveway too. Now, two feet of frozen snow that you really can’t move your car or walk in, let alone shovel easily leaving each load stuck in the shovel. This appears to be a setback.


This winter snow storm has woken many memories of growing up in Alaska. Ketchikan doesn’t have the snow it has up north being on an island. The year that sticks out to me the most, was the year we had one of the biggest snow storms I can remember. No one could get up or down the hill I lived on, even though many tried, thinking that they knew how to drive in the snow, most days I ended up walking to work.

One afternoon, Jeff invited me sledding with some friends he had grown up in the desert with. He was loving this snow, making it a lot of fun. That day led to another sledding adventure down a very steep hill sharing an inner tube. After that night, we were inseparable and began dating.

Only two weeks later, we became engaged….what?  I know, not recommended but my mom and dad did have him picked out for me, and I guess they were right because that very snowy winter was 39 years ago!

Sometimes we will look at these storms thinking they are a set back, a waste of time and energy dreaming of warmer weather on a beach.

But, could they really be a set up to something new we hadn’t planned?

To enjoy this life right where we are and take advantage of the sledding and memories you are making?

We still have a lot of snow but we can at least get out of the driveway.  We accumulated three weeks of garbage, but Hallelujah the garbage and recycle were picked up yesterday! I won’t even talk about the washer/dryer that hasn’t been able to be delivered which was purchased over a month ago!

We survived and spring will be here before you know it and we’ll have forgotten about this adventure of survival…but you know what? Some of the best things in life come along when we are just surviving life and not creating that one special moment we think we have perfected in our mind.

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Karol Whitmore