One of the perks of having a creative husband is getting a surprise present after Christmas, even though he had already gotten me plenty of special thoughtful things. He has always been a good gift giver, paying attention to small details that I hadn’t realize I even wanted. Jeff  has a keen eye for creating new ideas. He is always trying different materials that he hasn’t worked with that he is curious to learn how to use them. And then he mixes what he has learned with materials he knows well.

This particular idea has been running around in his head for a couple of years now, but he never took the time to make it. One day between Christmas and New Years he went out into the shop and started creating. This is his happy place, where he can work with his hands on a new project and complete it. There is a lot of satisfaction and inspiration for him which leads to creating more projects. He calls that fun, while others may look at it as work. Fun and work are closely related in his mind because he loves what he does, forming something out of his imagination. Now don’t think that I get to be the recipient of this pleasure too often, but when I do, it is a gift that goes much deeper than a store bought gift, this is something that he has thought about for a long time, which means he has been thinking of me along the way. Becoming a one of a kind masterpiece, is always worth the wait. This grows my patience in the waiting, knowing that whatever he decides to create will be much better than anything I have anticipated or created in my own mind.
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Thank you Jeff for being a one of a kind man who enriches my life every day.

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-Karol Whitmore