Let’s get back to plywood. Most people when they think of plywood don’t think of a finished product. It tends to be the strength beneath something. But for some reason I like the look of the ply’s, as you curve the edges and it continues to expose more and more lines. It’s a simple beauty, kind of like a really straight grain hardwood board.

Follow me back a few years…ok maybe more like 10 years. Wow where does the time go? I built this bent plywood rocking chair. It was one of those visions you get in the middle of a dream in the middle of the night and it wakes you up to scribble on whatever piece of paper you can find so you can peacefully just get back to sleep. I mean, I like designing but I  might like my sleep even more. As the morning came and I was looking at my scribbles, as rough as they looked I could see the chair that I needed to make. I don’t think there is a single straight line, in true finishing touches fashion.



The side shapes, were drawn out full scale on a piece of plywood, cut out then bent, rather redneck, like on a workbench. The seat and back were carved out of multiple laminations of birch plywood to expose the lines, and make them more comfortable than a flat board.



As any project I do, it evolved, to some degree as I went. But, overall you can see that little middle of the night scribble as you look at the chair. To this day it still makes me smile. Maybe not enough to have made a matching one in the last ten years but that’s part of the beauty, having a one of a kind piece. We at Finishing Touches don’t tend to repeat our creations, I mean that might actually make furniture profitable.


DSC_0144_1 (5)

-Amaleah Graham